Only 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organizations serving the greater Tucson area communities are eligible.

Proposals for grants are considered on the basis of supporting the Stone Canyon Community Foundation (SCCF) Mission and its Fundamental Strategies which state that SCCF’s primary focus is on “programs that help young people get and stay on track, taking advantage of educational and other opportunities for their own self-improvement and development.”

SCCF’s Grants Committee oversees all grant making, subject to the approval of the SCCF Advisory Board. Agencies receiving SCCF grants must serve their populations without discrimination based on race, religion, gender, age, disability, national origin and sexual orientation.

This policy supports the philosophy and intent set by the SCCF Advisory Board to make grants that have a lasting and positive impact on the population served by the applicant organization. To that end, the guideline is to recommend one year grants to the SCCF Advisory Board of up to $30,000. Organizations that have received grants previously are encouraged to apply again in following years.

Each year, the Grants Committee makes recommendations to the SCCF Advisory Board based on a review of the grant applications. This review may include additional research, such as a site visit or request for supplemental information. The amount of grants awarded will be determined by the SCCF Advisory Board and the Grants Committee. Any future year commitments are contingent on some level of measurable performance and the appropriations process.

SCCF will not consider requests for endowments, debt reduction or large capital funding.