2018 Grant Recipients

4th Year Grant-$12,500

Agency Background:  Mission is to promote educational excellence by providing resources to support work, which enriches the education, development and well-being of all Sunnyside Unified School District children.   The populations Sunnyside serves continue to struggle with low incomes and the ability to provide the basic needs for their families as federal, local and state budgets continue to diminish.

Focus of the 2018 Grant:  Reimaging Middle School Experience At the center of Sunnyside Unified School District’s Coherence Framework lives the construct of student agency – which Sunnyside defines as the capacity and the propensity to take purposeful action; the opposite of helplessness.  Young people with high levels of agency as described above:

  • Are able to self-regulate.
  • Do not respond passively to their circumstances.
  • Seek meaning and act with purpose to achieve the conditions they desire in their own and others’ lives;
  • Have a sense of efficacy and a growth mindset
  • Have a goal-orientation to learning and higher future aspirations
  • Are equal partners in the learning.

GOAL:  College Ready, Career Ready AND Community Ready!

 Measurable Results

  • 100% of Apollo students will engage in an authentic, alternative learning course.
  • 50% of Apollo students will engage in a learning experience with a community ember of partner during second semester.
  • 100% of Apollo teachers will engage in professional development on community engagement and authentic learning.
  • Student reflections will be gathered at the end of the semester in surveys and focus groups.
  • Apollo school will be monitoring for increases in attendance and grades.
  • Community partner reflections will be gathered at the end of semester in survey form.

Contact: Diane Bissell, Executive Director info@sunnysidefoundation.org