2018 Grant Recipients

1ST Year Grant-$10,000

Agency Background:  Catholic Community Services’ (CCS) mission is to “Provide Help, Create Hope and Serve All.” As an agency of CCS, Pio Decimo Center actively works with families across generations to reduce poverty through education, asset development, access to affordable housing, and case management.

Focus of the 2018 SCCF GrantJVYC staff has been providing educational and emotional support to young children for nearly 20 years. Services include tutoring, homework support, cultural learning, socialization, and life skills development. In recent years, the need to tackle social and emotional problems has become more urgent. If unchecked, these problems are predictive of later conduct problems, antisocial behaviors, delinquency, and serious mental health problems. Teen depression, suicide, mental health disorders, and anxiety are on all currently on the rise.

Staff will be trained to aid these processes by providing safe spaces, creating a culture of learning and understanding and modeling calming techniques. As part of their training, they will learn to identify warning signs of trauma, how to build relationships with children’s caregivers, help youth implement restorative procedures, integrate the child into group activities, avoid labeling which may increase trauma children are already experiencing. Measurable Results100 children will engage in an 8-week SEL (social and emotional learning program. Sign-in sheets will be used to 
track participation. 
A minimum of 90% of SEL program participants will report an increase in knowledge and emotional awareness after completing the program. Pre and post tests will be used to demonstrate increased knowledge and awareness. 
A minimum of 85% of the children will utilize self-calming techniques, as 
reported in children’s performance reports. 
JVYC will notice a reduction in anti-social behaviors, as reported in children’s 
performance reports. 
JVYC will experience a decrease in disciplinary actions required, as reported in the incidents reports.

Contact Person:  Marcia Zerler, Executive Director, marciaz@ccs-pio.org