2018 Grant Recipients

5th Year Grant-$10,000

Agency Background: EEF was founded in l983, to provide resources for students in need within the TUSD. Their mission is providing resources to expand and enrich student learning within the TUCSON area.

Focus of the 2018 Grant: Interscholastic Scholarships (Sports/Fine Arts fees) enable TUSD students the opportunity to compete on interscholastic sports teams or perform with fine arts groups by paying the mandatory fee associated with those extra-curricular activities.  The program serves an academic achievement incentive by encouraging students to maintain the required 2.5 GPA to be eligible for EEF’s assistance.

Measurable Results: For the last six years data gathered through EEF’s follow-up with seniors whose fees were paid by EEF have a 96-98% graduation rate, compared to the district average of 77%.  Almost 90% of the seniors reached after graduation, reported that they are enrolled in college immediately following high school graduation.  Statewide, approximately 54% of high school seniors are enrolled in college in the first semester after high school graduation.

Contact: Pamela Francis, Executive Director pam@eeftucson.org