2018 Grant Recipients

4th Year Grant-$10,000

Agency Background:  Non-profit organization that seeks to increase access to a quality education and post-secondary attainment.  Established in AZ., empowers low–to–moderate income AZ students to successfully complete college by providing matched savings scholarships, personal finance training, and support.

Focus of the 2018 SCCF Grant: Funding from the Stone Canyon Community Foundation would be used to grow Earn to Learn’s capacity in Southern AZ.  It is especially crucial that Earn to Learn is able to continue to recruit and retain students.  Once enrolled, it is critical that students are supported and retained throughout their journey to college graduation.  Studies have shown that additional assistance and increased community and campus connections can improve the likelihood of disadvantaged students in persisting to obtain their degree.

Measurable ResultsNearly half of the first four-year cohort who graduated in May 2017 did so with no student loan debt.  Those who did borrow have debt that is less than half the average amount for students in AZ. 

Contact Person:  Kimberly Hoidal Director of Development and PR, Kimberly@earntolearn.org