2018 Grant Recipients

1ST Year Grant-$5,000

Agency Background: Arizona Youth Partnership ‘s (AZYP) mission is to partner with communities to cultivate healthy foundations for youth and promote strong families. AZYP’s programs utilize a three- pronged approach to accomplish the mission and all of AZYP’s programs fit into one of the following strategies:    

AZYP’s newest strategic initiative is Open Doors Community School, Inc., a subsidiary of AZYP. Open Doors serve high risk populations that include:
a quarter of the student population supported either in Special Education (via a 504 plan) or in the English Language Learner Program.

  • A large number of students who are escaping bullying and social problems in larger
school settings.
  • A group of students who have faced suspension or possible expulsion and need to find a place that will give them another chance.
  • Students who face mental illness, have behavioral challenges, come from   difficult
family dynamics, or are in foster placement.

Open Doors’ mission is to provide a quality education for K-8 students who have educational disadvantages by serving them in a small, community school model. This model focuses on building school and community partnerships. It integrates academics, health and social services, youth and community development, and youth engagement to build a sound academic foundation, stronger families, and a healthier community. The ultimate goal is to reduce educational barriers for students by connecting them to quality teachers and instruction in a tight- knit setting.

Focus of the 2018 GrantSTEP Up to High School” (Student Transitional Education Program) Students will be recruited from the school to participate in the STEP Up to High School Program during the Spring 2018 semester. Students and their parents/guardians will sign a contract when they agree to participate in the STEP Up to High School Program. Eighth grade students must participate in a summer leadership institute, provide 4 hours/month of mentorship at the school, and create a resume to be eligible for financial incentives. STEP Up participants will begin the pilot by participating in a summer leadership institute, facilitated by AZYP educators. The leadership institute will teach leadership skills, life skills, drug and alcohol prevention, peer mentoring, and healthy relationship education. Students will also begin to build their resume, with a first aid and CPR training. staff may be present for additional support during the leadership institute, facilitated at the school.

Measurable Results:

  • 80% of 9th grade students will have at least 5 credits at the end of their first year at high school.
  • 111 graders transitioning to 9th grade will complete a summer leadership institute and create a resume to include training and skills earned through the leadership institute and mentorship program.
  • STEP Up participants will have a resume by December 2018.
  • 80% of 8th grade students will attend 10 hours of summer leadership training.
  • 125 K-8 students will receive a total of 10 hours of mentorship from STEP

Contact Person:  Lori Malangone, Exec. Director, Lorim@azyp.org