2018 Grant Recipients

1st Year Grant-$5,000

Agency Background:  What is the purpose of your organization and whom does it serve?

The mission of AFFCF is to promote self-esteem and enrich the lives of Arizona’s children in foster care by funding social, athletic and educational activities and items that provide them with quality experiences while they live through very difficult circumstances.  

Focus of the 2018 Grant:  The funding provided foster children is not sufficient to cover additional expenses that are the essence of any normal childhood – athletic, educational and social activities. AFFCF believes, and research confirms, that children in foster care benefit tremendously by participating in extracurricular activities. The average cost of an award is $200. A grant of $5,000, will enable us to provide 25 awards to children in foster care.

Measurable Results: Outcomes are tracked by an evaluation tool completed by award applicants: caregivers, caseworkers, CASA’s, etc. Using a 5-point Likert scale, respondents are asked to indicate change observed in the child in the areas of academics, self-esteem, and overall positive behavior. Specific measurable outcomes are: 75% of participating children will demonstrate improvement in academic performance, 80% of participating children will demonstrate increased self-esteem, and 80% of participating children will demonstrate improvement in behavior.

Contact Person:  Kyle Tarr, Program Coordinator, grants@affc.org