2017 Grant Recipients

UNITED WAY CRADLE TO CAREER – 2nd Year Grant-$25,000

Agency Background: Cradle to Career is a partnership that believes in setting higher expectations to improve educational and life outcomes for the more that 300,000 young people living in Pima County. The partnership brings together resources, leadership and innovation and is focused on data-driven action to improve performance and the scaling of effective practice by aligning resources that work.

Focus of the 2017 Grant: The Cradle to Career Partnership To prepare every child for success in school and life ensuring the economic vitality of our community. C2C is seeking investment to support the collective impact backbone functions of this partnership which include: meetings convening, results based facilitation, data collection, data analysis, data coaching, communications, report writing, contract management and fundraising. Current prioritized outcomes of the Partnership include Kindergarten Readiness and High School Graduation.

Measurable Results:

  • Within one year, maintain engagement from all six current, traditional public school districts and Pima JTED (Joint Technical Education District). These superintendents currently attend 60% of Leadership Council meetings and share school district data as it relates to the outcomes.
  • Raise $250,000 in one year, separate from grants UW has already obtained.
  • Produce 2nd Community Impact Report Card by Mar. 2018. All of the “Core indictors” and “Contributing Indicators” will be included in this report card.
  • Within one year, both Kindergarten Readiness and Re-Engagement of Opportunity Youth Change Networks will have completed at least 2 test cycles using the continuous improvement process (plan, do, study, act) in at least two different areas of study.
  • Change Network as well as the Community Schools Initiative will have a least two Continuous Improvement projects underway that regularly share data.
  • Within the year, our K-12 superintendents will identify at least one project in both reducing chronic absenteeism and improving Algebra I passing rates to start in demonstration site high schools.
  • Within one year, C2C will have launched a fully operating Change Network for high school graduation.

Contact: Amanda Kucich, Senior Director akucich@unitedwaytucson.org