2017 Grant Recipients


Agency Background: Mission is to promote educational excellence by providing resources to support work which enriches the education, development and well-being of all Sunnyside Unified School District children. The foundation serves the Sunnyside Unified School District.

Focus of the 2017 Grant: Early Childhood Enrichment Expansion Program Designed to provide 300 parents and 356 children enrolled in Parents as Teachers along with 69 kindergarten children enrolled in Los Ninos Elementary School the opportunity to engage with a variety of community performing artists, expanding their knowledge and experiences in art, music, dance and drama. The project will help promote language, literacy skills, social skills, motor skills and cognitive skills of the children and their parents. Sixteen sessions will be scheduled for the year beginning in August 2017 and ending in June 2018.

Measurable Results:

  • 100% of children will sing new words to songs introduced during music and movement sessions.
  • 100% of children will move differently based on the different rhythms in songs
  • 20% increase in number of parents and children attending the performing artist sessions
  • 10% increase in the number of dads and their children attending the evening artist series.
  • 50% of children will use new vocabulary related to the artist as reported by their teacher.
  • Parent surveys and parent comments will comprise the qualitative data as well as pictures.

Contact: Diane Bissell, Executive Director info@sunnysidefoundation.org