2017 Grant Recipients


Agency Background: The PTO was established in 2000, to promote positive relations and partnerships in the Painted Sky community, coordinate programs that enhance the quality of education and raise funds not provided by the Amphitheater District for education excellence. Community volunteers and parents were trained as tutors and teachers referred failing students to the new tutoring program named the “Thunderbird Resource Center”.

Focus of 2017 Grant: Thunderbird Resource Center Tutoring Program Teachers refer students to the program who aren’t low enough to qualify for intervention services, but are still falling behind. The program has expanded to incorporate advanced students who need an extra challenge, as well as students referred by their teachers, PTO is also able to provide math and writing services.

Measurable Results: Each student has a lesson folder, which contains space for not only the lesson plan, but also tutor assessments. This weekly commentary is used to measure progress and also tailor the next week’s lesson specifically to the learning needs of each student. Second – fifth grade students take the MAP test (a standardized test designed to measure individual progress from the beginning of the school year to the end). Painted Sky students in the TRC program across all 4 grades realized an average growth of 20 points on the reading portion, and 17 points on the math portion of this test.

Contact: Any Watson, TRC Coordinator awatson@amphhi.com