2017 Grant Recipients


Agency Background: The Higher Ground Youth Center serves at-risk students and their families with an afterschool program. HG provides homework tutoring, after school high

quality recreational programs, mental/behavioral health services, family support,

leadership development, college scholarship, life coaching, mentoring, school

support, financial literacy, dropout prevention services, intervention, substance

abuse support, emancipation skills, and anything the youth need to move into adulthood.

Focus of 2017 Grant: “The Family Engagement Advocate” From the moment youth come into Higher Ground, staff interview students, family members and teachers to develop a holistic picture of the youth’s risks, trauma, strengths, community engagement and positive influences. A program is created that fits what each youth needs and wants, utilizing other organizations in the community and our own programming. Research suggests that chronic absenteeism is often a product of nonacademic causes such as health, poverty, mental/emotional issues, bullying and family challenges. SCCF funding will support resources for the Family Engagement Advocate and tools for the mapping and follow up it requires to continually stay effective and updated.

Measurable Results:

  • 81% improved their overall academics based on their grades, homework completion and planning for their education
  • 81% learned to improve their skills on perseverance based on learning value of hard work, not quitting and finding self-encouragement
  • 97% parent satisfaction with overall services o HG and outcomes with their students

Contact: Rob Lester, Director of Community and Development, rob@higherground.me