2016 Grant Recipients

SAAVI-2nd Year Funding-$5,000

Agency BackgroundFounded in Tucson in 1964, the Southern Arizona Association for the Visually Impaired (SAAVI) is a non profit organization serving approximately 1,500 blind children and adults.  SAAVI ‘s purpose is to provide programs and services to meet the rehabilitation and social needs of individuals with vision loss.

Focus of the 2016 Grant:  Educational Core Competency Program for Blind Children A weekly program that fills the gap of critical information and education that blind children are not provided in schools. This includes education of their parents and families to aid them in understanding and discovering their blind child’s capabilities.  The program enables parents and family to advocate for and support their child’s learning experiences in school and life.

Measurable Results: 

  • Parent’s expectations of their child will increase.
  • Family dynamics of all families served will increase.
  • Blind children will demonstrate more self confidence.
  • Blind children will demonstrate more competence in their environment.

Children tracked will have access to more resources, do better in school and achieve many of their goals.