2016 Grant Recipients

GIRL SCOUTS-4th Year Grant $10,000

Agency Background:   Established in 1935.  Mission is to develop girls of Courage, Confidence and Character who make the world a better place.

Focus of 2016 Grant:  The Girl Scout Social Justice Program-The Social Justice Program serves at-risk girls ages 12-17 who are in detention or on the brink of incarceration. Also served are girls who live in foster care group homes, and girls 5-17 who are seeking shelter at Southwest Keys Immigrant Youth Shelter. The goal is to help girls develop a sense of positive self-worth, improve their social skills and reduce risky behavior and recidivism.

Measureable Results: GSSoAZ  has partnered with LeCroy & Milligan Associates, Inc. to develop three methods to collect data on the outcomes of our program which include:  weekly staff reports on sessions, structured observation of activities and participant surveys.

Contact: Debbie Rich, Chief Executive Officer drich@girlscoutssoaz.org