2016 Grant Recipients

EDUCATION ENRICHMENT-3rd Year Grant-$10,000

Agency Background: EEF was founded in l983, to provide resources for students in need within the TUSD. Their mission is providing resources to expand and enrich student learning within the TUCSON area.

Focus of the 2016 Grant: EEf’s Interscholastic Scholarship Program enables impoverished high school students in the TUSD the opportunity to compete on interscholastic sports teams or perform with fine arts groups by paying the mandatory fee associated with those extra-curricular activities.

Measurable Results: For the last five years, data gathered through EEF’s follow-up survey with seniors who have graduated demonstrated that seniors whose fees were paid by EEF have a 96-97% graduation rate, compared to TUSD 81% graduation rate.  2015 college enrollment rate among EEF scholarship recipients was 80-85%, compared to 52% for TUSD.

Contact: Pamela Francis, Executive Director pam@eeftucson.org