2016 Grant Recipients

BEN’S BELLS-1st Year Grant-$5,000

Agency Background:  The purpose of Ben’s Bells is to educate, motivate and inspire the life skills of intentional kindness, and to empower individuals to act according to that awareness, thereby strengthening themselves, their relationships and the community.

Focus of the 2016 SCCF Grant: Kindness Skill Building for Youth in High Risk Situations

Adapt and develop educational materials for use by youth in after-school programs, Juvenile Court, probation, and other restorative justice organizations/programs.  This includes a monthly 2-hour class and eight hours a week of community service opportunities for youth who are mandated to complete community service.

Measurable Results:  A UofA evaluation team of seven, headed by Dr. Michele Walsh, has worked together for seven years, and has expertise in data collection.  Results are measured by increases in number of youth and families who are:

  • Exposed to information on the practice of kindness
  • Incorporating kindness skill building into their lives
  • Using Ben’s Bells as a resource
  • Engaged in community service at Ben’s Bells

Contact; Jodi Vander Ploeg, Director of Development jodi@bensbells.org