SAN MIGUEL HIGH SCHOOL – 3rd Year Funding-$14,575

Agency Background: San Miguel is a private, Catholic High School that provides a quality college and career preparatory education to students from families of limited financial means. Established in 2004, San Miguel is part of the Cristo Rey Network, which employs a work-study model. This corporate internship program allows students to work five days a month at entry-level positions in a variety of professional and non-profit fields throughout their 4 years of high school. The wages the students earn pay for approximately 60% of their tuition.

Focus of the 2015 Grant: College Counseling Program The college counseling program works with the entire student population over their four year enrollment and averages $92,880 yearly in operating expenses, including salary and benefits for applicable staff members (an additional part time staff member was added to counseling for the 2014-2015 school year). The typical costs to the college counseling program outside of staff salary are travel, food or other event costs, membership fees, standardized tests and software subscription.

Measurable Results:

  • 757 college applications submitted
  • 204 college acceptance
  • 55 college recruiter visits
  • $462,080 in college scholarship offers
  • $1,850,080 current 4 year college scholarship potential
  • 77 juniors took the PSAT exam & 100 freshmen and sophomores took the ACT ASPIRE exam in fall, 2014

Contact: Nicolla Hartmann, Dir of Advancement