2015 Grant Recipients

4th Year Grant

Agency Background: Imago Dei Middle School, established in 2005, serves boys and girls in the 5th – 8 th grades from families with low income residing in Tucson. The school focuses on educating the whole child and breaking cycles of poverty. The criteria for admission are based on students qualifying for Federal Government Free/Reduced Lunch Program. Students are selected to attend using a lottery system. The school operates as a tuition-free school; therefore, donor support is essential. The school session for all grades is ten hours per day, 5.5 days per week and eleven months per year. The teacher-to-student ratio is never greater than 1 teacher per 10 pupils. The cost per student is $15,000.

Focus of 2015 Grant: The Imago Dei Refugee Scholars Support Imago Dei’s growing population of scholars requires especially intensive social services and academic instruction. Imago Dei has welcomed 12 refugee students from Eastern and Central Africa over the past two years. These students join a number of other scholars who have come to us with little or no English. For them, issues such as histories of political violence and displacement, lack of consistent education and limited literacy require special attention and intervention. A SCCF grant would be used to offset a deficit in scholarship funding for refugee students and to help support a secondary classroom teacher to work closely with low-level learners.

Measurable results: Of Imago Dei’s Middle School’s 70 alumni, only one has dropped out of high school. Of the eleven alumni who were eligible to graduate from high school last year, eight graduated on or ahead of time and have been accepted to college (most in community college), one earned a GED and is gainfully employed, and two are still in high school and committed to graduating.

Contact: Anne Sawyer, Head of School asimagodei@aol.com