1st Year Funding

Agency Background: Sold No More, originally called Streetlight Tucson, was started in 2010. Their mission is to end sex trafficking in Tucson and provide a hopeful solution to this problem through a three-fold strategy: prevention/awareness, enforcement/protection and protection/restoration. Sold No More serves primarily youth who have experienced sex trafficking, sexual exploitation or are at-risk of exploitation are served, but services are also provided to adults who experience trafficking or exploitation as well. Additionally, Sold No More provides support, resources and training to other agencies that work with these same populations.

Focus of the 2014 SCCF Grant: The INTERVENE Program: Low-income girls of color, runaways, girls involved with CPS or Juvenile Detention are especially vulnerable to traffickers. Sold No More will bring AWARE (prevention education program) to 2,500 students in TUSD and Sunnyside, screen girls entering Juvenile Detention or low-income serving behavioral health agencies (e.g. CODAC. La Frontera, etc.) and lead 100 girls in group homes through a 10 week prevention program (My Life, My Choice). Services are led by a two-person team, including a survivor of sex trafficking on staff with our agency and a volunteer social worker. Facilitators will be trained through the Justice Resource Institute. Girls identified as having experienced sex trafficking will be provided with a mentor utilizing the GEMS curriculum, “Victim Survivor Leader”, and with support from the Rescue Project in Phoenix.

Website: SoldNoMore.org
Contact: Megan Goodman, Program Manager, info@SoldNoMore.org