So AZ Assoc for the Visually Impaired
1st Year Funding

Agency Background: SAAVI, founded in Tucson in 1966, serves approximately 2,000 blind children and adults each year. Their purpose is to provide dynamic and progressive programs and services to meet the rehabilitation and social needs of individuals with vision loss, promote individuals to become active participants in determining their success, and raise public awareness through community involvement and establishing partnerships with others.

Focus of the 2014 SCCF Grant: Educational Core Competency Program for Blind Children: This highly-interactive and participatory program will provide education and “hands-on” experiences for blind children and their parents and families (approximately 200 individuals). Children served in this program are in grades K-12. They will be introduced to new devices such as CCTV (closed-circuit TV), auditory readers, magnification devices, computers and other technology adaptations. Parents will learn how to adapt board games, and their children will learn how to use them. The program also includes speakers, sports and movement activities for blind children, science programs, outings and field trips, group counseling for children, parents and siblings and self advocacy. The program takes place monthly, on Saturdays in Tucson, and for two weeks during the summer.

Website: www.saavi.us
Contact: Amy Murillo, Associate Director, amurillo@saavi.us