1st Year Funding

Agency Background: Live the Solution, established in 2008 is a Tucson based organization established with the primary goal of improving the financial capability of low-to-moderate-income individuals and families through programs that provide financial education and assist with access to post-secondary education and home ownership. Participants who must obtain $500 on their own or through family will receive an unparalleled 8:1 match of up to $4500 per year ($2000 university, $2000 federal + $500 student/family) through an Individual Development Account. The IDA concept is a proven model to help low-moderate-income individuals and families develop assets, including education, in an effort to escape the cycle of poverty and become financially empowered.

Focus of the 2014 SCCF Grant: UofA Earn to Learn: UofA Earn to Learn is a peer-to-peer mentoring program with participants in the UA Earn to Learn program providing support to students starting college for the first time. The majority of participants are first-generation college students. Through matching, UA Earn to Learn participants in their sophomore year can provide additional support to participants entering their first year of college.

Website: livethesolution.org
Contact: Kate Hoffman, Executive Director, kate@livethesolution.org