1st Year Funding

Agency Background: The goals of Girl Scouts of So AZ established in 1935, are to serve girls ages 5-17 through a wide range of contemporary programs that reflect the unique needs and interests of girls living in So AZ; to provide preventative strategies that help girls succeed in school and life, to empower girls to reach their full potential; to give girls a voice in the community and their own lives; to provide access to programs to girls in need; to support a diverse adult leadership; to develop effective community collaborations, and to remain fiscally sound to ensure that Girls Scouting is available to girls long into the future. The intended outcomes of Girl Scouting are to prepare girls through life-skill development to become self-confident leaders who graduate from HS, pursue continued education, and attain careers that lead to economic self-sufficiency.

Focus of the 2014 SCCF Grant: Social Justice: The Social Justice Program includes:

  • School and community based troops – College-aged women lead these troops, serving as role models and mentors for girls. These role models work with girls on a weekly basis, meeting on school campus, in libraries, community centers and at the Girl Scout Resource Center.
  • Girl Scouts Beyond Bars – provides regular supervised visits and interaction between girls and their incarcerated mothers, working to enhance the parent-child bond while instilling in both increased self-esteem and self-worth. Once a month, GSSoAZ takes girls to the Perryville Complex in Goodyear, AZ where the girls’ mothers are incarcerated. GSSoAZ provides moms with training to lead the girls during the meetings and help them develop skills that will serve them in the future.
  • Adelante Jovencitas – serves girls while they are in juvenile detention and then provides regular community meetings for girls when they are released. These meetings are also for girls who are facing incarceration without intervention or are court-ordered to perform community service.
  • Foster Care – Helps girls who will one day transition out of the foster care system. Currently programming is provided to girls in group homes and shelters through La Paloma Kids, Devereux, Casa de los Ninos TMM, Vision Quest and EMERGE! Center Against Domestic Violence.

Website: girlscoutssoaz.org
Contact: Ally Baehr, abaehr@girlscoutssoaz.org