1st Year Funding

Agency Background: Pima County Adult Education founded the Educational Group Effort (EDGE) in 1985. EDGE was a grant funded program designed to provide a self-paced, counseling intensive, educational alternative to youth who had dropped out of school or who were at risk of dropping out. It operated as a grant funded educational arm in cooperation with Sunnyside and TUSD. In 1995, the recently enacted charter school law made it possible for EDGE to serve the same student population under a more stable funding base of AZ state educational funding as a charter school. EDGE became Pima County’s first charter school and one of the first fifteen charter schools in the state of AZ. Since that time, EDGE has maintained small campuses in areas of greatest need including central Tucson, northwest Tucson, Sahuarita, Paascua Yaqui nation and a campus for teen moms in partnership with Child and Family Resources.

Focus of the 2014 SCCF Grant: Back an Track: Guided Math Skills Development: Back on Track is a continuous project to identify and support at-risk students’ academic and life math skills. The project is based on four concepts: diagnosing student skill level and deficiencies, early intervention and support for students who are struggling, extended learning time and teaching life skills based math. Edge will purchase Galileo Online Learning Technology, a nationally recognized standard and researched based diagnostic assessment tool. Using Galileo EDGE teachers will be able to assess the unique standards based skill deficiencies of each student and focus their learning with opportunities for learning from their strengths.

Website: edgehighschool.org
Contact: Rob Pecharich, Principal robp@edgehighschool.org