2nd Year Funding

Agency Background: TOPS was founded in 2000 to address the unique needs of pregnant and parenting teens by providing a support program in a non-judgmental, teen-specific environment. Initially focused on optimizing healthy outcomes for teen mothers and their babies, the mission has expanded to educate teens on the importance of safe sexual behavior and healthy choices.

Focus of the 2013 SCCF Grant: Teen Education Network Teen Outreach Pregnancy Services’ Teen Education Network (TOPS TEN) is a nine-week, 18-hour educational program for adolescents between the ages of 12-19 that aims to educate teens on habits that help cultivate healthy lifestyles. Teens are taught how to avoid risky sexual behavior through abstinence and how to prevent pregnancy, HIV/AIDS, and STDs/STIs. They also learn the importance of goal setting. Throughout the course the instructor works to instill confidence in refusal skills in order for teens to say, “NO”.

Website: www.topsaz.org
Contact: Debbie Allen, Mkting & Dev Director Debbie.Allen@topsaz.org