1st Year Funding

Agency Background: The PTO was established in 2000 to promote positive relations and partnerships in the Painted Sky community, coordinate programs that enhance the quality of education and raise funds not provided by the Amphitheater District for education excellence. Faced with budget cuts, teacher lay-offs and increased class sizes, the PTO was concerned that struggling third graders would fail the reading portion of the AIMS test and therefore not be promoted to fourth grade. Community volunteers and parents were trained as tutors and teachers referred failing students to the new tutoring program named the Thunderbird Resource Center.

Focus of the 2013 SCCF Grant: Thunderbird Resource Center: With SCCF funding the TRC will be able to increase the hours of the tutor coordinator in order to provide more consistency and development of the tutoring program. Funding will also allow the number of weekly sessions the students receive to increase from one 30-minute session to two or three weekly sessions. 82 students currently receive tutoring assistance.

Contact: Heidi Radtke, paintedskytrc@gmail.com