1st Year Funding

Agency Background: Founded in 1980, La Paloma provides residential, foster care, and homeless youth services. Their mission is to build relationships and provide support services to encourage, teach and challenge children and families to take effective control of their lives. The majority of their children have suffered abuse, neglect, emotional/developmental issues, and behavioral/mental health problems. Teens living in group homes have unique needs since many have been in the system for years and find it difficult to trust and form attachments.

Focus of the 2013 SCCF Grant: College and Career Services: La Paloma specialists work with local trade schools and community colleges to provide intensive services specifically designed for foster care and low income youth who have dropped out or are underperforming in school. Services include: 28 college readiness workshops, 12 career development workshops; 12 life skills and financial literacy workshops, 10 career exploration workshops, tutoring, reading and writing workshops.

Website: www.lapalomakids.org
Contact: Angy Shearer, Director of Development, ashearer@lafrontera.org