4th Year Funding

Agency Background: TPC is a dropout prevention program that coaches teens to embrace their education and build successful futures through professionally supported relationships with volunteer coaches. TPC launched its program with Success Coaching at Amphitheatre HS in November 2008.

Focus of the 2012 SCCF Grant: Resource-Service Provider to Teachers, Parents & Libraries
TPC knows that the next logical step is to increase the TPC scope from conducting a program at one school to becoming a resource-service provider at several schools and libraries. Based on success at Amphi HS teens (ages 14-18), the TPC plan is to build capacity within the community. It includes producing videos and providing teaching materials that can allow TPC methods to be applied on a larger scale. It includes training teachers on the methods and providing parents with basic coaching-conversational skills.

Website: www.touchpointconnection.org
Contact: Joan Martin, Executive Director, jmartin@touchpointconnection.org