1st Year Funding

Agency Background: SBATA was established in 12/23/04 to provide services to refugees for access to professional and educational resources so that families can make a successful cultural, economic and social transition to life in the US. The earliest refugees arrived in 2003 and the most recent in 2011. No one in the target population was born in the U.S. The students have limited knowledge of English or American culture. They have no role models since most of their parents are illiterate. The SBATA has identified 120 Somalia refugee students enrolled in the Tucson schools.

Focus of the 2012 SCCF Grant: Refugee Youth Empowerment Project The grant will provide 30 impoverished male and females, U.S. government sponsored refugee students in grades 9-12 attending greater Tucson high schools with the opportunity to obtain mentoring and tutorial services to succeed in high school and make a smooth transition to college and/or career in an after-school program. The grant will be used to hire a project leader and provide coupons for bus transportation for the student to travel to the center and receive the mentoring and tutoring from volunteers including students from the University of Arizona.

Website: sbata.org
Contact: Abdi A. Abdi, Executive Director, abdia@sbata.org