2nd Year Funding

Agency Background: The mission is to prevent child abuse and strengthen families. The proposed initiative is an expansion of Parent Aid’s flagship Parent Partners Program which currently conducts the Parent Aid model for up to age five. Schools refer families to Parent Aid when they suspect abuse or poor parenting skills leading to behavioral and performance problems in school. A visit is made to the home to evaluate and develop a customized program. There is a measurement tool used for all families covering 17 criteria assessed for improvement. It is called Target Family Outcomes.

Focus of the 2012 SCCF Grant: Parenting Up Program This program targets at-risk families with an emphasis on teen mothers, single parents and families living in high stress areas for the greater Tucson community. The 2012 grant will result in approximately 10 families (15 parents and 25 children) gaining the skills and tools to strengthen their family. At least 50% of those families will come from the North Pima region. Parents learn and utilize positive discipline techniques, healthy family communication skills and specifically target child development with children ages 6-13.

Click [HERE] to read “Sabrina’s Story” about how your donations supported the Parent Aid Child Abuse Prevention Center in 2011.

Website: www.parentaid.org
Contact: Sean Young, Executive Director, sean@parentaid.org