4th Year Funding
Diamond Family Fund Match

Agency Background: ESBF is a social services agency providing a multitude of services to children, youth, and adults and their families. PACTS provides early intervention and early childhood education for disadvantaged and special needs children through Children’s Achievement Center, accreditation attained by just 29 of 329 (9%) of licensed child care centers in Tucson. Over the last two years, AZ state budget cuts have decimated the Dept of Economic Security Child Care Subsidy Program. The FY 2012 budget eliminates ALL remaining state general funds supporting the program. Evaluation includes tracking the employment and/or re-employment of each parent receiving child care tuition support. Each child has their development levels assessed and an Individualized Care and Education Plan developed.

Focus of the 2012 SCCF Grant: Parent and Child Tuition Support (PACTS)
The SCCF grant will provide support to low-income families (not eligible for Department of Economic Security subsidies) in the form of child care tuition compensation based on a sliding fee scale. It is anticipated that the grant would support 12-20 children and families for 6-12 months of subsidy per child. On average the award amounts have been $169.50/per month per child for child care services.

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