1st Year Funding

Agency Background: Child & Family Resources, Inc. is a nonprofit founded in 1970 with the mission of making children’s lives better. They provide over thirty prevention and early intervention programs in eight Arizona counties by (1) Helping at-risk youth overcome obstacles (2) Achieving quality child care (3) Building resilient healthy families able to resist child abuse and become economically stable.

Focus of the 2012 SCCF Grant: Mentors for Moms Currently the all-volunteer program serves 16 teenage mothers who attend the Tucson United School District’s Teenage Parenting Program. The grants will extend the Mentors for Moms services to a new Tucson high school. The mothers’ grades and graduation rates are tracked through their schools. The moms’ career ambitions are monitored by using the Career Exploration Inventory. The volunteer mentors are high school graduates enrolled in Psychology at the University of Arizona. The mentors and moms meet twice a month. In between meetings the mentors and moms remain in contact.

Website: cfraz.org
Contact: Becky Wilson, Program Director, BWilson@cfraz.org