3rd Year Funding

Agency Background: TPC is a dropout prevention program that coaches teens to embrace their education and build successful futures through professionally supported relationships with volunteer coaches.

Focus of the 2011-2012 SCCF Grant: Teen Coaching, Volunteer Training and Program Evaluation
Plan is to add two more high schools and continue Success Coaching and Just-in-Time Coaching office with Amphi HS teens (ages 14-18), including an estimated 25 students who wish to continue their 1:1 involvement with a Success Coach and estimated 40-60 students through the Coaching Office. Rigorous evaluation measurements include: school attendance, grades, discipline referrals, high school graduation, pursuit of higher education, student attitudes toward school, student satisfaction with coaching.

TPC has provided a video on Youtube which they feel truly captures the essence of what they do through the faces and voices of the teens they serve. You can find the video here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=5A6cC08J6JE

Website: www.touchpointconnection.org
Contact: Joan Martin, Executive Director, jmartin@touchpointconnection.org