1ST Year Funding

Agency Background: Provides service treatment programs and community services to children, adults and families experiencing behavioral or emotional health challenges.

Focus of the 2011 SCCF Grant: Fostering Youth in Transition (New Program)
The funding will support the foster program for youths (ages 14-18) who are transitioning out of foster care and facing young adulthood with little or no family support system. These are youth who are not reunited with their families or placed in permanent homes. In year one, the program anticipates to reach 40 foster families. The program will provide training through workshops and in-home and on-line study in order to help develop independent living skills for youth ages 14-18. The program includes daily living skills, goal setting, financial literacy, personal care and resources for scholarships related to vocational and employment training. The program will conduct pre and post assessment and document results. Goal is for youth to demonstrate a minimum 60% improvement in their knowledge of independent living skills.

Website: www.devereux.org
Contact: Samantha Maracle smaracle@devereux.org