When did the SCCF get started?
The SCCF was launched in October 2008 following many informal discussions about how members, residents and the Stone Canyon Club might make a difference in the lives of others in the Tucson area — ways to give back to the community.

What is the purpose of the SCCF?
By supporting existing charitable organizations, the SCCF focuses on improving the quality of life and the development of less fortunate young people in the Tucson and Oro Valley communities.


Who can participate?
There is an opportunity for everyone in Stone Canyon to be involved. You can:

  • GIVE a tax deductible financial contribution. Organizations are sorely in need of additional funds to achieve their objectives, especially in these very difficult economic times.
  • SERVE on the Board of Directors or one of the Committees. There’s a lot to do on an ongoing basis to keep the SCCF running effectively.
  • VOLUNTEER directly with one of the organizations being supported by the SCCF. Your time and expertise will be greatly appreciated and you can see first hand the impact the SCCF is having.

Why should I donate through the SCCF instead of giving directly on my own?
Because our collective donation is greater than individual gifts, it can significantly impact project and program planning within the selected agencies. The ability to commit funds over multiple years also enables the agencies to undertake important longer term initiatives. Further, by working with the CFSAZ, the needs, programs, and progress of our grant recipients will be professionally evaluated and monitored. Finally, your gift through the SCCF enhances the reputation of Stone Canyon as a group of caring individuals who are committed to helping the greater Tucson community.

Will the donors and donations be made public?
Individuals who wish to remain anonymous may do so.

How do I donate to the SCCF?
There are several ways to donate to the SCCF. Please visit the WAYS TO GIVE section on the SCCF website and select the one that is most convenient for you.

Will there be sources of funds other than direct contributions from members and residents of Stone Canyon?
Yes. It’s planned to have one or two activities each year to raise additional funds.

How do I volunteer to serve on a Committee or the Board of Directors?
Contact the BOD Co-chairs or the respective Committee chairs to discuss your interest. The BOD Co-chairs are listed on the Board of Directors page. The committees are listed on the About Us page.


What is the role of the Community Foundation for Southern Arizona?
The CFSAZ is made up of more than 475 funds representing individuals, families, organizations and corporations. We will look to it for administrative support, investment of funds, and grant-making advice.

How is the CFSAZ compensated for its services?
The SCCF will pay administrative and investment fees to the CFSAZ which are approximately 2% of total income. This includes receipting of all gifts, administrative support at events, investment of funds, and research and advice regarding agencies the SCCF might support.

Who will make decisions about where the money goes?
Based on input from the CFSAZ, Stone Canyon members and residents, and an in-depth review and evaluation by the Grants and Research Committee, the SCCF Board of Directors determines which organizations receive grants and for what period of time.


How are qualified candidate organizations identified?
Potential grant recipients are identified with the assistance of the Community Foundation of Southern Arizona consistent with our Mission and Fundamental Strategies. Organizations can also self-nominate. Once identified, candidates are thoroughly evaluated by our Grants and Research Committee. The Committee considers a number of factors as part of a detailed process to determine the most qualified and deserving non-profit organizations. Additional information may be obtained from any Committee member. Committee Members are listed elsewhere on this SCCF website.

GIVE …… SERVE …… VOLUNTEER …… Make A Difference NOW!